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I want to order your products. How do I get my order filled?
You can view our products here on our website, and send an email with your product order request. We will determine product availability, price (according to weight), let you know the total order value for final submission. We do have discounts for larger freezer orders.
Do you sell to restaurants?
Absolutely! We’re happy to arrange delivery of fresh or frozen wholesale products via a pre-arranged custom order. Our mission is to introduce consumers to the great taste of bison meat, whether at home on their barbecue or through partnering with local restaurants and grocery stores.
So now that I’ve purchased some bison meat, how do I cook it?
Bison should be cooked differently than beef, although it can generally be substituted in your favorite beef recipe for a unique and superior flavour. Just remember these tips about cooking bison when you are substituting:

Bison does not marble like beef, so it has less fat insulating it when cooking. That means bison meat will cook more quickly than beef.

Just as with beef, bison stewing meat, stir-fry meat, and short ribs are not particularly tender cuts without a bit of assistance in the kitchen, so these items should be well cooked to achieve more tenderness. Try braising or slow cooking techniques for best results.

The best cuts for grilling are the premium cuts such as Tenderloin, Striploin and Rib Eye. Use a 325° grill and the following recommended cooking times:
  • 1” thick
  • Rare: 6-8 min.
  • Medium: 8-10 min.
How does bison meat compare nutritionally with beef?
Bison is a gourmet product that offers significant health benefits, including a high proportion of protein relative to calories because of its density. Bison is an extremely lean protein with 1/3 less fat than beef, and it is also lower in cholesterol. A single daily serving also provides most of the iron, zinc and antioxidant selenium that your body needs. This chart compares the nutrient composition of bison with other proteins. With 40% more protein than beef, you can eat 1/3 less bison and be satisfied.

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