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Roaming Alberta Meats purchases local grass fed bison at auction for heritage grain finishing at Kolb Farms in Olds, AB. Our bison receive no antibiotics or growth hormones and are finished on homegrown, non-GMO silage.

Bison are raised and finished with minimal human interference and by their nature have a minimal environmental impact. Our commitment to you, our customer, is a top quality, impeccable product that you can trust.

Kolb offers us the ability to do smaller harvests more often and is happy to work with Roaming Alberta Meats to improve local consumer access to this premium product. Bison are harvested, dry aged 21 days and processed locally at award winning YB Quality Meats in Penhold, Alberta.

Bison Nutrition Information

Nutrient Info
Bison meat is a nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, mineral, and fatty acids to its caloric value. Comparisons to other meat sources have shown that bison meat has a greater concentration of iron, zinc and essential fatty acids.

Bison meat is a rich source of complete protein containing all the essential amino acids in appropriate amounts. Each serving contains about 22 grams of protein which is then used in the body to build and repair tissues, produce enzymes and some hormones, and maintain cell membranes and components of the immune system.

Rich in Vitamin B12, Selenium, Zinc and Phosphorus, bison meat is also an excellent source of Iron, Vitamin B6 and Niacin, all of which are recommended daily.

Bison meat contains the “essential fatty acids”, linoleic (omega - 3) and linoleic (omega - 6) fatty acids. These substances are necessary for us to eat but cannot be made in our bodies and are thus, commonly lacking. Their function is to assist the formation of cell membranes, aiding in the production of hormone-like compounds, and participating in immune and visual processes. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to help fend off Alzheimer’s disease and reduce the likelihood of heart attacks.

Bison meat is a great natural source of bio-available iron. The high iron content in bison meat helps boost energy and increase endurance by improving the blood’s capability to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from body cells. Bison has what most nutrition conscious people want, lots of iron and less fat. Bison meat was one of the five foods recommended for women in the July 2001 issue of the Reader’s Digest article, “Five Foods Men and Women Need Most”.

Bison Food Service Cuts

Bison Food Service Cuts
Bison Food Service Cuts

Cooking Bison to Succulent Perfection

1/3 Less Time & Heat

Bison is best enjoyed rare to medium rare. It requires about 1/3 less cooking time than beef, but don’t rush it - a low temp helps maintain its moist and tender texture. “Low and slow” is the rule!

Check The Temp

For the best taste, most bison steaks and roasts should be cooked to an internal temperature of 120-140 F when taken off the grill or out of then oven. Trust your meat thermometer!

Let It Rest

Let your bison rest in a warm place for 5 to 15 minutes after cooking. Don’t cut into bison until it has rested. Cutting too soon will let the sealed in juices escape.

Source: The Bison Council

Recipe: Grilled Bison Steak

RAM Bison Tenderloin
Pat your bison steak dry with a paper towel after removing from package. Season to your liking - we love several selections available from The Silk Road Spice Merchant, like Juniper Berry!

Preheat BBQ to searing temperature (500-600 F).
Sear for 1 minute on 1st side, flip and sear for 1 minute.
Rotate steak 90 for grill mark effect.
Lower heat to medium-low (350-400 F), make sure to keep BBQ cover closed.

For 3/4 - 1” steak:
Medium: cook for an additional 4 minutes per side
Medium-rare: cook for an additional 3 minutes per side
Rare: cook for an additional 2 minutes per side on low (or less if you like it really rare!)

Cover and let rest for 5-15 minutes
Serve with seared grill marks facing up!

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